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Loan Amount

Interest Rate


Loan Tenure

Loan Amount100,000
Interest %8 %
Tenure (months)12
Emi (monthly)8,699
Total Interest4,386
Loan Amount + Interest104,386
YearTotal Principal
( A )
Total Interest
( B )
( A + B)
Total Payment Loan Paid Till Date (%)
40,7012,79443,49559,29940.70 %
Aug8,0326678,69991,9688.03 %
Sep8,0866138,69983,88216.12 %
Oct8,1405598,69975,74224.26 %
Nov8,1945058,69967,54832.45 %
Dec8,2494508,69959,29940.70 %
59,3011,59260,8930100.00 %
Jan8,3043958,69950,99549.00 %
Feb8,3593408,69942,63657.36 %
Mar8,4152848,69934,22165.78 %
Apr8,4712288,69925,75074.25 %
May8,5271728,69917,22382.78 %
Jun8,5841158,6998,63991.36 %
Jul8,641588,6990100.00 %
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The bank offers a gold loan to applicants who meet certain eligibility criteria. These include owning gold ornaments or items, being over 18 years old, and meeting other internal qualifications.

The bank will process your gold articles and issue you a loan within a few days. However, the bank may take some time to appraise them, which could lead to an extended delay. Once the appraisal is complete and verified, you can expect a quick disbursement of the money.

In order to receive your gold ornaments, you will need to repay the entire outstanding amount of money that has been borrowed. However, in some gold loan schemes, you may be able to make a partial payment.

Typically, the interest rate on the gold loan varies from 7% to 11%. However, it may vary according to the worth of the pledging gold asset.

Most lending institutions don’t add up income as an eligibility criterion. You just need to have a gold asset that can pass through the quality check and some important documents.