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Wondering why your Credit Card or Loan Application is getting rejected multiple times? Well, the answer might be your negligence toward your Credit Score. If you want to brighten your chance of getting your Loan or Credit Card Applications approved in one go or just want to build your credit score the right way - ReferLoan’s Credit Score Calculator is your way to go!!

Credit Score

Perks of Using ReferLoan’s Credit Score Calculator

Quick Loan

Quick Loan Approvals

Healthy Credit Score can help you bag quick and easy Loan Approvals


Priority Loan Benefits

Not just quick approvals but a good Credit History can customize better interest rates and repayment tenure

Higher Credit

Higher Credit Limit

A healthy credit limit can help you rope in higher credit limits in your loan process


Manage Your Finances

Having a good credit score can help you make mindful decisions when it comes to finances

No Charges

No Charges

The Best Part? Pay No charges to check your credit score

Quick & Acccute

Quick and Accurate

Get your Credit History Report within seconds without any room for error

Special Offers

Bringing You the Best of Finances

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The PAN card is necessary to appropriately calculate the person's credit score. The credit score can also be obtained by using other valid Proof of Identity (PoI) in place of the PAN card. The PoI helps in identifying individuals in the database.

No, the inquiry won't have an impact on your credit score. Your credit score may be slightly impacted when you apply for a loan or credit card, but not when you check your credit score.

The ability to check your credit score is not restricted. You are free to check your credit score as much as time you wish. The credit score inquiry is regarded as a soft check because only hard checks have the power to lower your credit score.

The credit score is influenced by changes to the credit report; if and when these changes are made, the credit score will change based on whether they have a positive or negative effect. For instance, your credit record and score will be impacted, when you apply for a credit card or loan and make payments on the credit.

No, you won’t have to pay any charges to use ReferLoan’s Credit Score Calculator
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