Burglary insurance caters to the needs of the following people:

  • Anyone who has to visit their workplace and have no one at the back to take care of their house in their absence. In such a case, the risk of burglary is quite high
  • Any person who runs their business corporation and experiences visitor footfall on daily basis are prone to business risks and burglary
  • Those who have a godown and thus, conduct the process of storage of goods for a long time period

Some of the burglary insurance plans include the following:

Full value insurance that helps in providing the complete value of the insured property

First loss insurance - when an improbablility of loss occurs, a certain percentage of the whole stock can be insured

Stock declaration insurance - if you have a huge amount of stocks, this is a beneficial plan that can be attained in a period of one year. The sum is locked at the highest value of the stock that the policyholder has the right to anticipate