General Insurance

This insurance plan does not come under the boundary of life insurance said to be general insurance. The things that cover under general insurance are � fire, marine, moto, accidents or other non-life insurance.

This insurance is done to protect the expensive assets and this is applied if the product gets damaged or lost.

Different Types of General Insurance

Commercial General Insurance Motor General Insurance – this insurance comes under 3 policies

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Exclusions Under General Insurance

Some general wear and tear done in the insurance object Damage or loss in the object during war

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Benefits and Features of General Insurance

Get Car damage expenses with general insurance. Get safe from huge amount of hospital bills wit

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Eligibility Criteria

Age criteria must be minimum 18 years and maximum 60-65 years. Objects which need to be insuran

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Documentation Required

Prospectus Proposal Form Cover Note Policy Document Renewal Notice Claim Form Survey

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