Scheme for Technology Upgradation/ Establishment/ Modernization For Food Processing Industries

  • This scheme helps in setting up/development/modernization of food preparing businesses covering all portions viz natural products and vegetable, milk items, meat poultry, fishery, cereal, beats, oilseeds and such other Agri plant areas prompting esteem expansion and time span of usability improvement including food flavors and colors, oleoresin, flavors coconut, mushroom, bounces, and so on.
  • modernization of heartbeat processing unit – establishment of driers and residue control framework.
  • setting up of scaled down beat preparing unit.


Increase the degree of preparing Decrease of wastage Esteem expansion Upgrade the pay of ra

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Eligible Sector of This Scheme

The eligible sectors which come under this Scheme are: Fruits and Vegetables Milk/Meat/Poult

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Eligible Organizations Under this Scheme

All implementing agencies Government agencies PSUs Joint Ventures NGOs Cooperatives S

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Financial Assistance

This scheme will provide about 25% of the cost of machinery, plant and technical civil work and t

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How to apply?

Send the application from as written in the Government Guidelines and send it to the specific –

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