Quantum of Assistance

The quantum of assistance with this plan has been raised to 3 crores and 30% of the complete venture is stretched out to all MSME units. The arrival of assistance to the units would be done through FDDI and CLRI for the individual units.

The monetary assistance under the plan will be for a maximum extent to

  • 30% of cost of plant and hardware to MSMEs and
  • 20% expense of Plant and Machinery to different units
  • The assistance is for innovation up-degree/Modernization and maximum ceiling is up to Rs.3.0 crore for every unit.
  • The expense of up-degree/setting up of new units under the plan will include:

* Invoice Value of Machinery

* Indirect Taxes/GST

 * Transportation and Transit Insurance Cost

 * Import-related obligation.

 * dispatching and Installation charges including electrical and Civil work limited to             

5% of the absolute land cost of the machine

The arrival of assistance to the units will be through a Scheduled bank. The Scheduled bank will get an understanding executed with GOI with the modern unit before dispensing of assistance. The monetary assistance can't be utilized for whatever else other than the reason it was authorized for.