Monthly Invest

Interest Rate (p.a)


Investment Tenure

(1 year - 30 years)
Invest Amount120000
Est. returns12607
Total value132607


Though Financial markets are volatile in nature, owning stocks, bonds, and other investment instruments comes with risks. India being a country where most people have a moderate risk appetite and do not want to take any risk/surprises associated with stock market volatility, starts investing in financial instruments which are mostly liquid and give out fixed returns at regular intervals. One such investment instrument is RD.

The numerous schemes available in the market offer great returns and good features. Some of the best schemes available to people who will invest again and again in Recurring deposits are the internet banking scheme and the public provident fund scheme. The government of India has been promoting the recurring deposit scheme for a long now with an objective to make this financing option more accessible and affordable for small-time investors and non-corporate entities. Recurring deposits are relatively simpler, more affordable, and less risky than other financial products like fixed deposits as well. Whereas, planning your investment beforehand is also an important part to avoid any loss. In that case, an RD Calculator can be a major help. So, let’s discuss the Recurring Deposit Calculator along with all its aspects to drop you a clean image of your RD investment plan.

What is RD (Recurring Deposit)?

A recurring deposit, or RD, is a special kind of term deposit offered by Indian banks. It allows people with regular incomes to deposit a fixed amount every month into their recurring deposit account. The cumulative amount deposited in an RD account increases from month to month. At any time, the account holder can withdraw his money or add more funds at their convenience and needs. The details about the interest rate applicable to an RD account vary from bank to bank. Recurring deposits are basically an investment for people with a regular income. Recurring deposits can be availed by individuals, both salaried and businessmen.

What is RD Calculator?

If you're a bank depositor who is unhappy with the interest returns you are getting, then you need to start using an RD deposit calculator. This is a quick tool that will tell you the return on your investment over the depositing period. This calculator can be used to calculate the future value of a single recurring deposit. The main advantage of executing the RD Calculator is that it provides an easy solution for figuring out an accurate savings plan.

Benefits of Using a Recurring Deposit Calculator?

  • Regulate your Maturity Value

    When you have a recurring deposit calculator, you are given the chance to see what the maturity value of your investment will be. You can also get to know how much your investments grow every year in terms of percentage, as well as your RMD amount. This can help provide you with information on how much your investment is worth every year based on its current value.

  • Regulate your Interest

    One of the most important parts of an RD is interest. It is the money that you have earned from your investment, which is calculated based on a particular period. Now, if you do not calculate it yourself, you may end up with a different rate of return from the actual one. However, using an RD interest calculator, you can get to know your interest amount accurately and also compare it with other forms of investment to see if it suits your needs or not.

  • Make Informed decisions

    It’s a critical task to choose the right investment and put your hard-earned money into it. The fear of market fluctuation and uncertainty makes it essential to make an informed and wise decision before taking up any step. A recurring deposit calculator is a good way to help you get a more informed idea of how much investment you need to put in place and for how long, in order for you to achieve the amount that you wish to get back when the entire amount is due at maturity.

  • Accurate Results

    Aside from these above-mentioned important reasons for making use of an RD calculator, there is yet another very important reason to do so, i.e., that the results are consistently accurate and instantaneous. Although you can calculate the interest for a recurring deposit manually, the interest dividends may vary from the actual result. To get almost immediate results, it is recommended that you use an RD calculator to make sure your results are always based on the right amount.

  • Save Time and Efforts

    When you calculate the amount of money needed to be deposited for a recurring deposit, you want to avoid calculating everything manually. This is because it takes too much time and effort. Thankfully, there are a number of recurring deposit calculators available on the Internet that can help you work this out easily. A recurring deposit calculator is one of the easiest tools everyone should be using. If you have some serious savings goals, a recurring deposit calculator helps you to calculate everything in a second. The best part is that you don't have to spend time doing all the maths manually. Plus, there are lots of websites to choose from these days.

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