Investment Amount

(Up to 1 Crore)

Expected Return Rate (p.a)

(9.50% to 19.55%)

Investment Period (in Years)

(1 year - 30 years)
Interest Rate (%)12 % Duration (Years) 10Invested Amount100000Wealth Gained210585Total Wealth310585

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a popular investment option in today's economy. The mutual fund itself is managed by a professional money manager who buys and sells various stocks, bonds, and other investments in an attempt to grow the fund's value. Mutual funds offer diversification or access to a wider variety of investments than an individual investor could afford to buy. There are economies of scale in investing with a group. Monthly contributions help the investor's assets grow. Mutual funds often go by other names, such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or closed-end funds. Mutual funds look like stocks but behave differently than traded stocks. Mutual funds often have a long-term time horizon. Mutual fund shareholders do not directly own assets, as in an ETF. Shareholders are considered part fund owners and indirectly own a proportionate share of assets. But we also can’t deny the fact that how important it is to plan your investment and determine your returns before shooting your shot at a Mutual Fund. Speaking of which, a Mutual Fund Returns Calculator comes in handy for you. So, let’s discuss the basics of Mutual Funds along with the fact that how can the MF returns calculator be beneficial for you.

What is a Mutual Fund?

What is a Mutual Fund (MF)? Mutual funds are a group of financial instruments, which pool money from investors in order to invest in capital markets. The main aim of investing in an MF scheme is to diversify risk or earn better returns than that earned in bank deposits. Such schemes also help mobilize financial resources for companies, so as to ensure that their capital requirements are met. Mutual funds are investment products made up of stocks, bonds, commercial paper, and other securities. They are professionally managed and offer a diversified portfolio. In addition, the money that moves in or out of accounts is large enough to have an impact on the markets.

What is a Mutual Fund Calculator?

What is a mutual fund calculator? This is the question on the lips of every investor who thinks he has found a good financial instrument to start a profitable business. This question is not new, nor is the search for an answer easy. Anyone interested in calculating his return on investment should know that the mutual fund calculator can provide him with just that.

Mutual fund calculators provide you with an estimate of the gains your fund will make based on your time horizon, investing strategy, and risk level. Mutual fund calculators are used to estimate a mutual fund's future value based on an investment strategy. These tools help investors understand the effects of their investment decisions. Like most financial calculators, mutual fund calculators can be found online and can help you process an investment in mutual funds. They allow you to see your estimated returns and find out their effects on the future value of your investments.

How Can a Mutual Fund Calculator Help You?

How can a mutual fund calculator help you? This is a question that may be floating in your mind. A mutual fund calculator helps you assess the impact of a given variable (i.e., the investment amount, period of investment, and the rate of return) on your total gains and the investment value. Use this mutual fund calculator to see how your investment goals can change as factors like the amount invested, the number of years invested and the rate of returns change, like say when you buy your home or make any other large purchase.

For instance, you’re concerned that your plan to get the amount for a house may not be successful. You insert the details and learn that in order to have enough to purchase the home, you have to lower your investment period or up the rate of return. You go back and adjust accordingly based on your preference. Furthermore, a mutual fund calculator allows you to assess changes in investment discipline and rate of return easily.

How to Use Mutual Fund Returns Calculators?

A mutual fund calculator can be used to estimate the amount of money that you stand to gain from investments. There are various different types of investment calculators available; some calculate returns only from stocks, others from bonds and commodities too. Mutual funds offer a wide variety of options for investment. You can choose any type of account depending on your needs or where you send your money as well as choose what kind of funds will be invested toward meeting those needs. Mutual Fund returns calculators basically provide the rate of return of a mutual fund over a period of time. You simply need to input the SIP amount, the duration of investment, and the expected rate of return, and the calculator will yield the results in seconds.