HDFC Bank Education Loan

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Mainly Focus on Funding to

Doing funding to all but main focus is on abroad education

Turn around time (TAT) & Min CIBIL

3 Days & 650


3 Year(But 5k per month will have to pay during moratorium)

PF & Foreclosure

PF-1% & Foreclosure-0% after 6 Month


If a student has got the letter from the abroad university then all expenses can be financed irrespective of income


No negative profile

HDFC Bank Education Loan EMI Calculator

Interest Type

Loan Amount

Interest Rate


Loan Tenure

Loan Amount100,000
Interest %9 %
Tenure (months)12
Emi (monthly)8,745
Total Interest4,942
Loan Amount + Interest104,942
YearTotal Principal
( A )
Total Interest
( B )
( A + B)
Total Payment Loan Paid Till Date (%)
57,2403,97561,21542,76057.24 %
Jun7,9957508,74592,0057.99 %
Jul8,0556908,74583,95016.05 %
Aug8,1156308,74575,83524.16 %
Sep8,1765698,74567,65932.34 %
Oct8,2385078,74559,42140.58 %
Nov8,2994468,74551,12248.88 %
Dec8,3623838,74542,76057.24 %
42,75796843,7253100.00 %
Jan8,4243218,74534,33665.66 %
Feb8,4872588,74525,84974.15 %
Mar8,5511948,74517,29882.70 %
Apr8,6151308,7458,68391.32 %
May8,680658,7453100.00 %
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Documents and Eligibility Required for HDFC Bank Education Loan


  • Age of student(Year):18 Yr-39Yr
  • Age of Co-Borrower(Year): 21Yr-65Yr
  • Who can be Borrower: Anyone
  • Who pays the EMI: The loan availing student after getting a job.

About HDFC Bank Education Loan

Education Loans play an important part in your overall funding strategy. You can easily achieve your dream of STUDYING ABROAD or the course of your dream even if you have limited funds. It basically covers the cost of tuition, living expenses, books, and other necessary supplies required till the persuasion period. There are many types of Educational loans based on your preference of location, courses, and collateral.

We have location-based loans, Domestic Education loans, and Overseas Education loans & Course-based loans are Undergraduate Loans, Career Development Loans, Postgraduate Loans, and the last one collateral based loans are Loan Against Property, Deposits, Securities Third-Party Guarantees. However, HDFC Bank charges nothing and lets its customers enjoy a completely transparent process. HDFC lets its customers enjoy minimal and simple documentation.

Additional documents

For salaried

  • Co-Borrower KYC
  • Offer Letter/Admission Letter
  • Previous Education Marksheet
  • 3 Month Salary Slip
  • 3 Month Banking
  • Student KYC

Self Employed

  • Co-Borrower KYC
  • Offer Letter/Admission Letter
  • Previous Education Marksheet
  • ITR of 1 Year of Co-Borrower
  • 6 Month Banking
  • Student KYC
  • MSME Registration-1 day old

Indeed HDFC Bank helps the students to achieve their dreams and accomplish their goals. HDFC banks allow you to avail of an Education Loan that covers all aspects of higher education, including college fees, books, and accommodation costs. Thus, if you need an education loan with a minimal interest rate, look no further than HDFC.

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You can easily get an education loan from HDFC if you want to study abroad.

Yes, you can pay your education loan in one go at any time. If you are financially stable and want to do so, it may make sense to pay off your loan early.

The remaining interest for the moratorium period will be added to the loan balance at the start of the payback. When the payback period begins, the EMI will be calculated based on this sum.

The USP of HDFC education loan is; If a student has got the letter from the abroad university then all expenses can be financed irrespective of income.

Yes, the HDFC education loan can be availed for studying abroad. You just have to provide all the necessary documents.