HDFC Bank Business Loan

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How To Apply
Product Rating

( 4.6 /5 )

Total - 654 ratings


Mode of Process




Lending Size and Tenure

Minimum (In Rs.)- 100000(2 years)

Maximum (In Rs.)-50,00000 (3 years)


10.00% to 22.50%

ROI (Fixed/Reducing)


Processing Fees

Up to 2.00% of the loan amount.

NIL Processing Fees for loan facility up to Rs. 5 Lakh availed by Micro & Small Enterprises subject to URC submission prior to disbursal.


4% Fixed

Age of Client (If Proprietor)

Minimum (In Year)- 21

Maximum (In Year)- 65

Overdue EMI interest

2% per month

HDFC Bank Business Loan EMI Calculator

Interest Type

Loan Amount

Interest Rate


Loan Tenure

Loan Amount100,000
Interest %15 %
Tenure (months)12
Emi (monthly)9,026
Total Interest8,310
Loan Amount + Interest108,310
YearTotal Principal
( A )
Total Interest
( B )
( A + B)
Total Payment Loan Paid Till Date (%)
56,5166,66663,18243,48456.52 %
Jun7,7761,2509,02692,2247.78 %
Jul7,8731,1539,02684,35115.65 %
Aug7,9721,0549,02676,37923.62 %
Sep8,0719559,02668,30831.69 %
Oct8,1728549,02660,13639.86 %
Nov8,2747529,02651,86248.14 %
Dec8,3786489,02643,48456.52 %
43,4861,64445,1300100.00 %
Jan8,4825449,02635,00265.00 %
Feb8,5884389,02626,41473.59 %
Mar8,6963309,02617,71882.28 %
Apr8,8052219,0268,91391.09 %
May8,9151119,0260100.00 %
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Documents and Eligibility Required for HDFC Bank Business Loan

Let’s look into the eligibilities and required Documentation to make your application process even smoother:


  • The age of eligibility is a minimum of 21 years old and a maximum of 65 years old.
  • The customer's monthly net income should be Rs.1.5 lakh.
  • At least Rs.40 lakh must be business turnover every year.

Documents Required

  • Business address, vintage, and establishment proofs
  • Your KYC documents, such as proof of address, GST Registration Certificate (if applicable), PAN Card, and other registration certificates if applicable.
  • For income documents, such as utility bills, rent agreements, etc., KYC data of your partner, director, or proprietor is required.
  • The last two years' Balance Sheet and Profit/Loss Statement.
  • A bank account statement for the last six months is required.

About HDFC Bank Business Loan

HDFC Bank allows its collateral-free business loans of loan amount up to Rs. 50 lakh to meet urgent demands of its customers. The HDFC bank's interest rate range is 10% - 22.5% p.a., with a repayment period of 1 year to 4 years. Current business loan borrowers of other lenders may transfer their loans at lower interest rates through HDFC Bank.

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It doesn't matter whether a woman entrepreneur completes an online loan application form or applies for a business loan or other type of loan. As long as she fills in the application form online, she can apply for a business loan or other types of loans.

HDFC bank allows its clients to use a Cash credit account in order to meet working capital needs. This is an upfront short-term loan on the strength of an applicant's credit history.

To apply for an HDFC bank overdraft, you must be an existing or ongoing account holder with the bank for the last six months. You must be in good relation with the bank and can apply online or at a branch.

A processing fee of up to 2.00% of the loan amount is applicable. Also, NIL Processing Fees for loan facilities up to Rs. 5 Lakh are availed by Micro & Small Enterprises and are subject to URC submission prior to disbursal.

A fixed ROI of 10.00% to 22.50% applies to the HDFC business loan. The exact charge can be determined post considering your eligibility for the same.