Here are a few factors

Rating 4.5 /
Total - 769 ratings
Location Pan India
CIBIL Score 750+
Product Fresh Card & Card to Card
Card Limit & Vintage in case of Card to Card Product 9 Month old Card with
50k credit limit with 30% available limit
TAT 7 Days
Applicant Any Self Employed or Salaried Individual
Applicant Age 1. Salaried 21-60
2. Self employed 21-65
Minimum Income 1. Salaried- 25K net Monthly Salary
2. Self Employed- 3 Lac Annual Income
Type of Cards 11 Type-
(i). Carbon
(ii) Platinum
(iii) Platinum Identify
(iv) Titanium
(v) British Airways Classic
(vi) Ascent American Express
(vii) Rubye Visa
(viii) Sapphira Visa
(ix) Visa Signature
(x) Make my trip Signature
(xi) Manchester United Signature
Most Popular Card Carbon Card & Visa Signature
Annual Fees As per table
Reward Point As per table
Negative Profile 1. Applicant working with Jewellers, Police, Tour & Travel, Aviation, Real Estate, Malls
2. Single Name not allowed, Name mismatch not allowed, short address not allowed
USP Instant approval on the basis of existing Card
ICICI Credit Card

The Financial Safety Net You Can Trust!

ICICI Bank is one of the major financial institutions that offer many credit cards and other banking services to its customers. ICICI Bank has a number of different credit cards that offer reward points, cash back, discounts, exciting benefits, and lots more benefits. The customers of ICICI Bank can take advantage of numerous credit cards offered by ICICI Bank for travel, fuel, entertainment, dining, and shopping. Thus, with the help of these reward points you can redeem exciting gifts and discounts from various shopping websites.

Visit Our Website

For the first step, you will have to visit our website to explore the options that fit your needs.

Select and Apply

Once you shortlist the credit card you have been looking for, apply for it, and proceed with the further process.

Submit Your Document

One of the most important steps. Now you will have to submit all the required documents digitally.

Enjoy Your Credit Card!

Once your application gets approved based on your eligibility, you will be having your Credit Card in hand.

Always Be Prepared with the Right Document

Required Documents

PAN Card

Aadhaar Card

Driving Licence

Voter ID


Registered rent agreement

Current passport size photograph

Salaried income documents

Self Employed person documents

Salaried income documents

  • Last 3 months' salary slip
  • Form 16 of last 2 years
  • Income Tax Return if any of last 2 Years
  • Last 3 months' bank statement if the salary directly credited in the bank account
  • Certificate of employment from current employer

Self Employed person documents

  • Income tax returns of previous 2 years
  • Statement of finances with a proper balance sheet with profit and loss in that sheet
  • Bank statement with continuity of business
  • GST registration evidence of business

Card to Card Documents

The documents required for a card-to-card application vary, but common documents include:

  • Government Issued Photo ID
  • Proof of Residency
  • Proof of Income
  • Applcation Form
  • Authorization to run a Credit Check (if required)

Note : ICICI may ask for additional documents based on the applicant’s profile. The above list is for reference purposes only.

Easily Apply for a Icici Credit Card Through ReferLoan

How to Apply for ICICI Credit Card?

Follow the steps to apply for Kotak Credit Cards through ReferLoan:

  • Visit the website of ReferLoan
  • There you can find the list of credit cards on the top.
  • Choose ICICI Credit Card and click on the ‘Check Eligibility’ button
  • Answer these questions to know your eligibility.
  • You will be prompted with a list of questions
  • Fill in all the required fields on the page before clicking on ‘Submit’.
  • Answer them to know your eligibility.
  • If you’re eligible for the card, you will be redirected to the online application page.
  • Now you will be asked to upload the required documents - upload them and click on 'Submit'
Redeem Your Reward Points to get Exciting Gifts

How to Redeem Reward Points on ICICI Credit Card?

  • Log in using your credentials
  • In the Account Summary section, click on the Reward Points tab
  • To redeem your reward points, click on View Rewards on the Rewards page, then click Redeem Now next to your ICICI Bank account details
  • You can redeem your e-voucher from this Rewards Catalogue. To do so, please follow the steps - View, Select, and Redeem.

Eligibility to apply for ICICI Credit Card

Minimum Age 21 Years
Maximum Age 60-65 Years
Minimum Income Card to Card Varies
Occupation Employed/ Self-Employed
Nationality Indian
Other Criteria Must have a steady Income source
Fees and Charges

ICICI Bank credit card charges

Card Joining Fee/Rs. Annual Fee/Rs. Income Eligibility/Rs Best Suited For
Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card NIL NIL NIL Shopping
MakeMyTrip ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card 500/- NIL 30,000/- Travel
ICICI Bank Rubyx Credit Card 3,000/- 2,000/- 50,000/- Shopping
ICICI Coral Contactless Card 500/- NIL 20,000/- Reward Points
ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Card 6,500/- 3,500/- 80,000/- Travel
Fees and Charges

ICICI Bank Additional credit card charges

Card Joining Fee/Rs. Best Suited For
ICICI Bank Emeralde Credit Card 12,000/- Lifestyle
Manchester United Platinum Credit Card 499/- Shopping
ICICI Platinum Chip Credit Card-Visa NIL Shopping
ICICI Bank HPCL Credit Card 199/- Fuel
Fees and Charges

Late Payment Fee

Outstanding Amount/Rs. Fee/Rs.
< 100/- 12,000/-
100-500/- 100/-
501-5000/- 500/-
5,001-10,000/- 750/-
10,001-25,000/- 900/-
25,001-50,000/- 1000/-
More than 50,000/- 1,200/-

How can I obtain an ICICI Bank credit card statement through the Internet banking system?

  • Firstly, log in to your ICICI Bank online banking account through the phone number registered there or your consumer ID.
  • There you can find the list of credit cards on the top.
  • Navigate to the "My Account" subsection and select the "Credit Cards" option.
  • Select the "Service Requests" option available and continue.
  • Select the "Credit Card Statement Request" choice and select a suitable date.
  • The screen appears with your credit card statement, which you hae the option to download or print in the form of a PDF.

How to Check the Application Status Online

  • Go to the ICICI Bank credit card application status by clicking here.
  • If you've received an application number, input it along with your phone number as well as your birth date.
  • In case you haven't received an application number, a second authentication is required.
  • . Fill in your mobile number along with your date of birth, and then an OTP is likely to be sent to the phone number you have registered.
  • After the phone number has been confirmed, you will have the option to verify the progress of your application.

Why will you choose ICICI bank credit card? Benefits of ICICI Bank Credit Cards

ICICI Bank credit cards include rewards programmes that provide points for rewards for each transaction performed with the card. All of these reward points can be obtained for a variety of advantages, such as cashback, vouchers, and discounts.

  • Lounge access: A number of ICICI Bank credit cards provide free lounge access at selected airports in India as well as throughout the world.
  • Travelling advantages: ICICI Bank credit cards include a variety of travel advantages, such as airline tickets plus hotel discounts, complimentary insurance for travelling, and fuel surcharge waivers.
  • Shopping advantages: ICICI Bank credit cards provide discounts along with cashback on purchases made at selected merchants as well as online stores. Some cards also provide entertainment and dining offers.
  • EMI options: ICICI Bank credit cards provide simple and flexible EMI payment plan options for card purchases. Customers can convert transactions into regular payments with low-interest rates.
  • Contactless payments: ICICI Bank credit cards include contactless payment advances in technology, which enables buyers to complete transactions with minimal effort.
  • Secure transactions: ICICI Bank credit cards include advanced security features such as chip and PIN technology, three-dimensional secure verification, and systems that identify fraud.
  • In summary, ICICI Bank credit cards provide a variety of advantages as well as rewards to consumers, offering a straightforward and adaptable payment choice.

What Does Represent an ICICI Credit Card Statement

The ICICI Credit Card Statement is a general overview of the way you utilized a credit card during a particular time frame. It contains every single piece of data about the money spent with your ICICI Credit Card. The explanation is a significant record that needs to be thoroughly and periodically reviewed.

  • Statement Period: This statement period is also known as the billing session. Defines the process during which the invoice gets issued and the card must be paid.
  • The payments Due Date: The deadline on which you must make the necessary payments in order to stay out of interest as well as penalty charges.
  • The Amount in Total Due: This is the sum that's owed as of that statement date. It covers the initial balance, newly made purchases, and fees, along with additional financing costs.
  • The Minimum Amount Due: This is the sum of money that you must reimburse before or by the deadline for paying to stay out of penalty fees for late payments.
  • Closing Balance: The closing balance, or balance, is the entire amount owed on the credit card you have during the closing date or time frame. Otherwise, if you wish to completely pay off the whole credit card debt, you must allude to this sum.
  • Outstanding Balance: This is the overall sum of cash you're estimated to have to repay to the banking institution at any particular point in time.
  • In conclusion, the ICICI Bank credit card statement shows a comprehensive overview of the cardholder's spending throughout the billing period, as well as any bank-related fees or charges. Individuals should review their billing statements periodically to keep track of how much they spend while making sure that repayments are made on time.

To use the ICICI EMI On-Call Service, comply with the steps below:

  • Use your login credentials to access your ICICI Bank online banking service.
  • Navigate to the "My Accounts" tab.
  • Select the "Credit Card" alternative.
  • Select "Convert to EMI."
  • Choose your card, transaction, as well as EMI tenure.
  • Finally, press the "Submit" button.

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Goods and Services Tax or popularly called the GST an indirect tax on the supply of goods and services applied by the GOI.

It is 1860 120 7777.

To redeem the PayBack points you can visit the PayBack website of ICICI Bank.

Yes, you can redeem PAYBACK Points to buy fuel

It may take up to 2 weeks for an item to reach your billing address.