• ReferLoan Pvt. Ltd. takes and addresses all the data concerns of the applicants in terms of safety, confidentiality, and security. Ensuring the right safety to the given data of the customer, maintaining the line of unassailability for the customers.

  • ReferLoan is not engaged in any money lending activities and is only providing an online platform for users to leverage money lending by registered financial entities.

  • ReferLoan ensures that there is no breach or misuse of the provided data and that all the data security guidelines are followed properly in line with the best industry practices.

  • ReferLoan is just a service provider and doesn’t support or hold accountability for any payment transaction

  • Here with this Privacy Policy we are informing how we protect and use the provided personal information by the user of our Mobile App in connection with our services and in the favour of our API and UTM partners.

Policy Applicability:

In Terms of APIs

  • ReferLoan has partnered APIs with various banks and NBFCs to make the user experience friendly and allow them to access multiple banks (third-party networks and databases) all in one place.

  • Through these APIs the communication gateway between the applicants and the Bank/NBFCs becomes smoother

  • The applicants fill in their personal information through ReferLoan’s Website where all the raw data is automatically delivered to the concerned Bank/NBFC

  • Following this, the approval, rejection, or any other move on the user’s application or personal data is performed by the concerned party

  • ReferLoan doesn’t hold any accountability or liability of the further uses of the data once it is directed to the concerned authority.

  • In between the process, ReferLoan doesn’t misuse or store your data for any use except as directed by law or as per mandate received from the customer.

While submitting your personal information to the chosen API, ReferLoan will ask you to submit informations such as:

  • First Name of the Applicant,

  • Last Name of the Applicant

  • PAN Card Number

  • Aadhar Card Number

  • Gender of the Applicant

  • Date of the Birth of the Applicant

  • E-Mail ID of the Applicant

  • Contact Number of the Applicant

  • Name of the Employer Company

  • Employment Status ID of the Applicant

  • Salary Payment Mode

  • Work Mail ID of the Applicant

  • Profession Type ID

  • Joining Date of the Current Company

  • Total Work Experience Category ID

  • Salary of the Applicant

  • Bank Account Number of the Applicant

  • Bank’s Name

  • Bank Code

  • Bank City

  • Bank State

  • Full Name of the Bank Account Holder

  • IFSC code of the Bank Account

  • Qualification Type ID

  • Highest Education Institution’s Name

  • Current Residence Type

  • Current Address Line 1

  • Current Address Line 2

  • Current Pincode

  • Current City

  • Current State

  • Current Residence Stay Category ID

  • Current Company Address Line 1

  • Current Company Address Line 2

  • Current Company City

  • Current Company Pincode

  • Current Company State

  • Loan Purpose ID

  • Applicant’s Father’s First Name

  • Applicant’s Father’s Last Name

  • Applicant’s Mother’s First Name

  • Applicant’s Mother’s Last Name

  • Applicant’s Marital Status

  • Bank’s Branch

  • Bank’s District

  • Bank’s Contact Number

Name of the Banks/NBFC’s APIs Acquired by ReferLoan

Name of Bank/NBFCs

Contact Detail

Standard Chartered Loan API

6601 4444, 3940 4444, 1800 345 1000, and 1800 345 5000

Standard Chartered CC API

6601 4444, 3940 4444, 1800 345 1000, and 1800 345 5000.

Indian Gold API


Tata Capital Used Car Loan API

1860 267 6060

Faircent Personal Loan API

0120 465 9902

Cashe Personal Loan API

80975 53191

Ruptok Gold Loan


Finzy Personal Loan API

9341 300 300

Flex Salary Personal Loan API

040-4617 5151

Mpokket Personal Loan API

033 6645 2400

Kreditbee Personal Loan API


Paysense Personal Loan API


Upward Fintech Personal Loan


In Terms of UTMs

  • ReferLoan has partnered with multiple Banks/NBFCs by acquiring its UTMs.

  • These UTMs (Urchin Tracking Module) help ReferLoan to pinpoint specific sources of user’s traffic directly to the concerned financial platform (Bank/NBFCs).

  • ReferLoan’s website demands the user to fill in just their name and contact details which creates a Referal Code in the database.

  • With the help of this referral code, the user is directed to the concerned Bank/NBFC without storing any sort of private information or data.

  • In the UTM process, ReferLoan doesn’t demand to fill in any sort of private information of the user. Hence, ReferLoan is not accountable for any kind of data mishandling or breach.

  • ReferLoan is just a service provider and doesn’t support or hold accountability for any payment transaction

Name of the Banks/NBFC’s UTMs Acquired by ReferLoan

Name of Bank/NBFCs

Contact Detail

WeRize Personal Loan

Not Mentioned

Money Wide Personal Loan


ICICI Business Loan OverDraft


Axis Bank Credit Card

1860 500 5555

Axis Bank Savings Account


AU Bank Credit Card

1800 1200 1200

1800 26 66677

YES Bank Credit Card


Insta Money Personal Loan

022 48913091

Abhi Loans Against Shares


Axis Bank Personal Loan


Finance Peer Education Loan


HDFC Bank Credit Card

1860 267 6161

Open Axis Bank Savings Account