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Location Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Coimbatore, Hyderabad,
Chandigarh, Pune, Rajkot, Surat, Vijayawada, Hugli
CIBIL Score 675+
Processing Offline
Business Vintage 3 Year
Minimum Turnover 1. Banking Program-1 Cr- 45 Cr
2. GST Program-1 Cr-60 Cr
3. Income Program-2 Cr-120 Cr
Loan Amount & Tenure 8 Lac-50 Lac
(12 month to 36 month)
Loan Product Only Term Loan No OD Limit
Rate of Interest & Type 19.50% to 21.50% (Reducing)
TAT Sanction-2 Days
Disbursement-7 Days
Processing Fees 2%
Foreclosure Charges 4%
Applicant Type Any Self Employed Person
Whether Co-Applicant Mandatory Mandatory
Proprietor Age/Co-Applicant Age 24 Year-65 Year
Part Payment Allowed Yes, after 12 month
Whether Ownership Proof Required Yes, either office or residence one should be owned at business place
Business Registration Proof Mandatory Yes
Program GST Program-25 Lac, Banking Program-25 Lac, Income Program-50 Lac
Product for Professionals No
Negative Profile Both Side Rented Applicant, Advocate, Share Traders, Liquor Business
USP 1. Business Loan to School
Additional 1. Minimum 51% Shareholding required on Loan if applicant is LLP/Partnership firm/Company
2. Civil Contractors, Real Estate is catious profile
Right Documents - Easy Process

Required Documents to Apply for Clix Capital Business Loan

  • KYC of applicant & Co-Applicant
  • Last 3 year ITR with computation of income of applicant & co-applicant
  • Last 3 year audited balance sheet of applicant
  • Last 3 year Tax audit report of applicant
  • Last 12 month Bank Statement of applicant & co-applicant
  • 26AS of last 2 year of applicant & co-applicant
  • Copy of GST registration
  • Copy of MSME registration
  • Copy of Last 12 month GST return
  • Sanction letter of all running loan
  • Debt Sheet
  • Latest utility Bill of residence if owned or rent agreement if rented
  • Latest utility Bill of Office if owned or rent agreement if rented
  • 2 Reference with contact details
  • Last 3 year Debtors & Creditors on letter head
  • List of Directors & Shareholders, if applicant if Company or List of Partners if applicant is Partnership firm/LLP

Some Important Points

1. KYC Means If Applicant is
  • Company-MOA, AOA, COI , PAN Card
  • Partnership Firm/LLP- Partnership Deed & PAN Card
  • Proprietorship Firm- PAN Card, Adhaar Card, Passport size photo
For Co-Applicant
  • KYC means  Adhaar Card, PAN Card, Passport Size Photo
Co-Applicant means in case of
  • Company : Directors
  • Partnership firm/LLP : Partners
  • Proprietorship Firm : Spouse of Proprietor
2. If applicant is professional, then his professional degree is required

Note : Clix Capital Business Loan may ask for additional documents based on the applicant’s profile. The above list is for reference purposes only.

About Clix Capital Business Loan

Clix Capital Finance provides business and retail lending services and offerings to its clientele in order to meet their financial needs as well as promote growth in their companies. It provides a variety of unsecured as well as secured business loans, including working capital loans, POS loans, school finance loans, and corporate loans.

Clix Capital Finance Business Loans are available to private limited companies, sole proprietorships, partnerships, and closely held non-listed enterprises that only operate in the service, manufacturing process, and trading business sectors.

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To secure a business loan from Clix Capital, one can fill out a straightforward application form and upload the necessary documents via their website or app. Alternatively, you could visit any of their physical branches or reach out to their customer care for help.

 There is no restriction on the purpose of the loan provided it is utilized for legitimate business needs. This could range from investing in working capital, expanding the business, buying machinery, etc.

The tenure of the business loan depends on your ability to repay and cash flow, with options varying from 12 to 36 months (48 months for self-employed professionals). No down payment is required for a Clix Capital business loan. The EMI and interest rate are determined based on your credit profile, the loan amount, tenure, and other factors.

 There's no need for collateral, a guarantor, or security to obtain a business loan from Clix Capital. It's an unsecured loan that is based on your business's performance and creditworthiness.

 To be eligible, you should be at least 24 years old when applying and below 65 at the end of the loan tenure. Your business should be a proprietorship, private limited company, closely-held non-listed company, or a partnership firm involved in manufacturing, trading, or services. You should report a minimum turnover of Rs 1 crore and have audited financial statements for the previous 24 months. The majority of your business transactions should be through a banking system or documented in your GST returns for the past 12 months.