Benefits of investing in SIP

Benefits of investing in SIP


Through a SIP investment, you can for the kind of an investment that is very disciplined and phased-in manner. Also, investing through a SIP can help you kick start your investment in a convenient way that does not cause any burden on you. You can begin with an investment for a monetary term as low as Rs. 100.

Rupee cost averaging

There is no point in timing the market. So, it is better for you to buy more units when the market is low. This is the basic fundamental of investing that you invest when the market is low and you sell if you wish to, when the market rates are soaring high. This helps in reducing the overall cost of investment.

Power of compounding

As an investor in the share market, you will be unleashing the power of compounding related to the investment period for a long time period. The averaging phenomenon of the rupee cost will help you in ensuring that there are better returns awaited in comparison to an investment of a lumpsum amount.

Better returns than investing

Investing in a SIP is an excellent investment option if you if you are a novice in the field of investing and wish to begin with smaller amounts