Is there any eligibility to check for marine insurance

Some of the people who are eligible to get marine insurance are as follows:

  • Manufacturers
  • Buying agents
  • Buyers
  • Import merchants
  • Export merchants
  • Sellers
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Any other person who is involved with the business movement of goods from one place to the other

Process of claim

If you wish to make a claim as a marine insurance policy, you need to take the steps as stated below:

  • If there is any damage in relation to any ship or cargo, you need to inform the insurance provider on priority
  • There will be a surveyor who will be assessing the damage or loss that has been mentioned and highlighted
  • If there is any missing package, tt is important for the insurer to file a monetory claim with the indurance provider and hence, receive an acknowledgement for the same
  • If the provider is able to find and conclude that the case deems to be fit, he will approve the claim and otherwise, he has the right to reject the proposed claim also
  • If you are unsatidifed, calling out through legal terms is an always available option