Inclusions and exclusions in burglary insurance

The following things are included:

  • Forceful entry
  • Violent entry
  • Any theft that has been committed by a person who is hiding under the insured premises
  • Armed robbery
  • Holding up
  • Any kind of damage that occurring during theft or housebreaking in the insured premises
  • Covering the bulk items that have been covered under the first loss basis. However, in this, only a percentage of the total stock is covered that is exposed to dangers like bulgary and housebreaking

The following are not:

  • Coverage of jewellery and precious stones, designs, as well as, plans and books related to business unless they are covered in a specific manner
  • If a family member is a part of the threat or risk
  • When the property is left uninhabited
  • Any damage that has been caused by confiscation, nuclear bombs, weapons, war, foreign enemy attacks and much more
  • Any damage or loss that is a result of any consequential loss
  • If the asset rights get transferred to any other person by will or in a lawful manner