Fire Insurance

As the name, fire insurance makes an insurance policy � if any damage is done to the property because of fire incident, then as per legal contract which is made and given to the customer must need to be fulfilled by the insurance company of any loss. Some of the incidents like fire, lightening, etc. cover under fire insurance as well.

Important of Fire Insurance

If you’re owning a business or own house, then fire accident can occur automatically which can end

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Types of Fire Insurance

Specific Fire Insurance Policy: this policy offers insurance for the specific objects against the

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Things don’t get under Fire Insurance

Damage or loss due to nuclear waste or radioactive elements. Damage or lose done by electrical

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Eligibility Criteria

The one afraid due to fire outbreak it can be – a person/organization/institution/business can

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Complete filled claim form Authorized copy of the policy If the incident already occurs – p

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