Procurement And Marketing Support Scheme (P&MS)

  • The Procurement and Marketing support Scheme would advance and instruct MSMEs by getting sorted out exchange fairs/mindfulness programs about GeM entrance, Online administrations, and different administrations.
  • The plan likewise supports Micro and Small enterprises to foster homegrown business sectors and discover better approaches for the advancement of new market access drives. It will likewise cover activities needed to work with market linkages for compelling execution of Public Procurement Policy for MSEs Order of 2012.

Highlights and benefits of the Scheme

Promoting new market access drives like getting sorted out cooperation in National International

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Eligibility of the Scheme

Assembling or Service area MSEs enlisted at Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum (UAM) Portal (Individual Man

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How To Apply?

The unit will apply to the Office of DC (MSME)/SME division, M/o MSME straightforwardly or throug

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