A Scheme For Promoting Innovation, Rural Industry & Entrepreneurship (ASPIRE)

ASPIRE scheme is introduced to set a new network of technology centers and also to set incubation centers to help fasten or accelerate the entrepreneurship of one individual or group. This scheme also promotes the startups for innovation in Agro industry. 

Following are the benefits of this scheme

•    Activities and practices in automation of agricultural •    Give values for agricult

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Main objective to introduce this scheme is

•    This scheme is created to help increase the viability of new employment and reduce unemplo

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Financial Assistance

Usage of Rs.210 Crores ASPIRE Scheme Corpus, This Rs.210 crore corpus of the ASPIRE Scheme uses in t

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•    Those who are in the field of Agro based industry can implement the incubation and commerc

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How To Apply For this scheme

•    According to this scheme, the applicant must need to send the application to Aspire Scheme

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