Grant-in-Aid and Modernisation & Upgradation of Power Loom Service Centres (PSCs)

For development in power loom facilities with modern technologies as well to train the workers to acknowledge about these modern technologies in power loom.

  • There are at least 15 number of power loom service centres which comes under the office of the Textile Commissioner.
  • There are total of 26 Textile Research Association (TRAs) as well as 6 State Government also offers various services to the power loom sectors on behalf of government like:
    • Training
    • Sample Testing
    • Design Development
    • Consultancy
    •  Conducting Seminars
    • Workshops, etc.
  • PSCs of TRAs or State Government Agencies is provided by Grant-in-Aid (GIA) for running the PSCs and pass their recurring expenses.
  • Modernization and upgrading the power loom services centres which will be provided by the Government Assistance which are required in the cluster.
  • This Is to be done as to improve the power loom industries with testing facilities and also lead to install modern looms as to create more awareness of the latest technology and provide them training as well.
  • The other systems and services which is to be provided in the power loom service centres are:
    • Preparatory machines
    • Testing instruments
    • Sewing machines – for garment and apparel
    • Embroidery machines
    • Designs and Development.
    • Etc.