Qualification Criterion

  1. The recipients qualified to apply for this Scheme includes Weavers and Entrepreneurs associated with Power Looms units, including masters weavers, registered cooperative societies of Power Loom weavers or any new entrepreneur independently or in a group.
  2. A gathering of people applying towards benefits under this scheme should comprise of at least 4 weavers or Concerns having a separate legal entity.
  3. Inside the Workshed either 48 modern looms (programmed/single width shuttle less weaving machines) or 24 more extensive width shuttleless weaving machines with 4 people in a group to be installed.
  4. Every recipient should have at least four weavers.
  5. Just machinaries which are TUFS (Technology Up-degree Fund Scheme) viable can be introduced.
  6. Eligible Entity
  • State Government and its subsidiary organizations.
  • Any Company set-up under the Companies Act, 1956 and Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 by a gathering of powerloom proprietors.
  • The Local Sector Powerloom Association.