Quantum of Assistance

1. 25% of the project cost for implementation of Energy Efficient Technology (EET) subject to maximum amount of subsidy of Rs. 10 Lakh for project cost of Rs. 40 Lakhs. This activity is implemented through nodal banks only.

2. 75% of the actual expenditure incurred by MSME for obtaining Product Certification Licences subject to maximum Rs. 1.50 lakh for national certification and Rs. 2.00 lakh for international Certification. This assistance can be obtained once for the below components

  • Application Fees
  • Licence Fees & Testing Charges if any
  • Inspection Fees of Certification body

3. 75% of expenditure for establishing Carbon Credit Aggregation centres(CCA) subject to maximum of Rs. 15 lac .This assistance is provided by the central government and the remaining expenditure has to be met by MSMEs. The assistance will be released in 5 instalments starting with a 20% of the amount and remaining amount will be released based on the progress of the project. CCA is the group of clusters which is set up as SPV with coordination of associations, technical institutions etc. 

4. Assistance of Rs. 75,000 for conducting awareness programs, supporting energy audits and promoting replication of EET models.