In-situ Upgradation of Plain Power Looms

The essential goal of the In-Situ Upgradation Scheme is to:

  • Give monetary help to monetarily more fragile force loom units.
  • For overhauling the current plain weaver’s self-loader units.
  • To work on the usefulness and nature of the texture being created via fixing explicit extra connections/packs.
  • Empower monetarily more fragile force loom units to confront the opposition in homegrown and global business sectors.

Eligibility Criteria

Unit with power loom license or Acknowledgment against the Information Memorandum gave by the Reg

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Targets of the Scheme

Provide financial assistance to economically weaker power – loom is the main objective of this Sch

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Recommended Authority

The Textile Commissioner will execute the In-Situ Upgradation Scheme for Plain Powerlooms through th

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Required Documentation

Power bill of the unit Last Invoice Citation/Proforma Invoice

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Application Process

Steps are as follows: Need to concern powerloom service center by the nearest office regional

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