Other Conditions

  • The beneficiary unit will have to remain in commercial production for a period of three years after installation & commissioning of the plant & machinery, on which subsidy under the CLCS-TUS has been availed.
  • The sanctioned term loan for availing the subsidy should be for minimum 3 years
  • The conversion of INR term loan into foreign currency term loan and conversion of term loans in to letter of credit (LC), availed from overseas branch of the Indian Bank/ Foreign Bank having Indian branch shall not be eligible for benefits under this scheme.
  • Units availing subsidy under the CLCSS can not avail any other subsidy for technology up-gradation from the Central/State/U'T Government except NEF scheme.
  • If against the single term loan multiple claim is filed for subsidy, then the claimant enterprise will be ineligible.
  • In case of fire /natural disasters/ theft during the lock-in period, the amount of subsidy extended to the unit may be first utilized against the outstanding term loan. In case, of insurance claim is transferred to the unit, the subsidy shall not be extended to the unit. \
  • In regard to sale of the machinery during the monitoring period, the fixed deposit will be forfeited and subsidy will have to be refunded to the Ministry along with interest thereon.