Other Conditions

The development projects in assembling units or setting up of new assembling units should prompt:

If investment is upto Rs. 1 Crore, then the unit engaged in Garment/Footwear/Saddlery Sector should be able to generate minimum 250 positions

Minimum 350 positions for each Rs.5crore investment in tannery unit or genius rata premise contingent fair and square of speculation;

Minimum 150 positions for each Rs.1crore interest in segment/adornment unit or star rata premise contingent fair and square of the venture;

This scheme is only for those leather and other allied industries those have taken loans from Scheduled Banks for the purchase of New Machines.

Use of assistance under IDLS sub-plan will be thought about just if they are joined by the EPFO enrollment subtleties of their representative

From the date of Completion of unit, upto 2 year the unit availing the financial assistance will have to submit operation and performance details including employment generation.

In case unit becomes non-operational within 2 year of receipt of financial assistance, it will have to refund the financial assistance availed along with interest. If at any time it is found that the financial assistance is taken on the basis of  false information, then unit shall refund the financial assistance including interest. The interest rate would be the prime lending rate of the bank.