Lean Manufacturing competitiveness schemes for MSMEs

Lean Manufacturing competitiveness Schemes For MSMEs

This scheme is introduced to reduce the cost of the manufacturing processes and help companies to lead produce more material in shorter period of time phase. The aim to get success in this scheme by – personal managements, utilization of better space, improve the flow of processes, inventory management, time management in engineering, etc. To uplift and compete in national and international markets, improvement is to be done in the quality of the products and lower their costs which was bring by LMCS. MSMEs are not fully aware about this scheme so they stay away, but LMCS are adopted by large enterprises of India, so LMCS be in competitive.


MSMEs can’t able to afford LMCS because effective and lean manufacturing counsellors/consultants are not easily available and if available, they are very expensive.

Objective of LMCS

This scheme wants to bring the competitiveness in manufacturing industries with the MSME sectors.

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The main aim of this scheme is to check the manufacturing system, a improve every detailed step b

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Who can apply for this scheme?

This scheme is applied of approximately 10 Groups/associations for interested industries which must

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