These Questions can be divided in 2 parts

A. Basic Details

B. Financial Details

Basic Details

Q. 1 What is Your (Applicant) Full Name

Q.2 What type of loan you are required and how much Amount

Q.3  What is Your Father  (Applicant’s Father) Full Name

Q.4  What is Your Mother (Applicant’s Mother) Full Name

Q.5 Ask from Applicant about their Marital Status

Q.6  What is Your Spouse (Applicant’s Spouse) Full Name (If Applicant is married)

Q.7  What is Your Date of Birth (D.O.B)

Note: Age must be between 21-58 years for eligibility of Personal Loan

Q. 8 What is Your Education Qualification (Applicant Education)

Q.9 What is Your Email ID & Mobile Number (Applicant’s email & Phn No)

Q.10 Ask Whether You (Applicant) are living on rent or in own house

Note: Take Complete Address of rented house as well as permanent house if rented

Financial Details

Q.11 What is Current Take Home Salary & Gross Salary

Q.12 What is Your Company Name

Note: Mention Complete details of Company along with Address

Q.13 Since How many years you are working in the Present Company

Note: Mention Number of years/months

Q.14 How Many year of experience do you have

Note: Mention Complete details of previous work experience along with Previous Employer Name

Q.15 Is Any Loan running

Note: If any loan is running then take details

Q.16 Two References are Required

Note: One Relative & One may be friend.

OTHER FAQ’s related to Personal Loan

1. When to take Personal Loan

 Personal loans can be used for almost any purpose like when you are planning your wedding  ,trip, vacation , for home renovation or for any medical emergency occurs, when you are running out of funds or want to convert multiple loans EMIs into one loan etc.

2. How Much CIBIL is required to be eligible for Personal Loan

Minimum CIBIL Score of applicant should be 650 or above.

3. How Much Salary is sufficient for applying Personal Loan

Minimum salary should be 15,000/month.

4. Is Co-Applicant Mandatory for applying Personal Loan

Co-Applicant is not mandatory.

5. What is the ROI on Personal Loan

ROI on personal loan vary from case to case basis and depend on various factors like CIBIL Score, Salary, Employer Category etc. Generally ROI varies from 10-24% from case to case basis.

6. Can One get Personal Loan if applicant is taking Salary in Cash

Chances are very low as Banks can’t verify cash salary but there are some NBFCs in market which provide personal loan on cash salary too.

7. Can Personal Loan be taken for shorter period say 1 week or 1 month

There are some NBFC’s in the market that provide Personal Loans for short tenure say for 1 week to 4-5 months. However their interest rate is quiet high as compare to normal Banking Channels.

8.How Much time is sufficient for approval of Personal Loan

Normally sanctioning of personal loan takes from 1 to 7 working days after the complete submission of documents.

9. Applicant is getting suppose 30K per month and he ask how much he is eligible for Personal Loan

If there is no Fixed Loan obligation then applicant can get between 3 lac to 5 lac. However final eligibility is decided through various factors like CIBIL Score, Employer Status, Age, Designation etc.