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Life Style Credit Card

Life style credit card is one of the best credit cards, if the one using this card cares a lot about his/her own lifestyle. As this card name – lifestyle, it has huge benefits and offers when used in dining, shopping, travels etc. This card is unique then other credit cards. Here are some benefits of this card and the benefits and features may vary from bank to bank as well.


The individual wants this card only to get huge discounts and benefits with their lifestyle choices.

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Get a welcome voucher when you get this credit card Get amazing rewards points while you use th

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Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for this card differs from bank to bank, some bank may need less eligibilit

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Fee and Charges

There are applicable fees and charges for using of credit card, these charges may or may not be appl

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KYC documentations (as required by lender) PAN card Salary Slip (if the person is salaried)

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